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Dust extraction for the majority of industries is the least prioritised equipment included in the project scope, in some cases not included in the budgeted capital costs, it can be perceived that the initial investment will not increase production and profits.

THIS IS VERY WRONG, please take time and read how company costs which are accepted as normal day to day necessities can be significantly reduced if we make the initial system investment.

Malcolm White
Malcolm White

CGP Managing Director Mr Malcolm White explains how capital investment of an adequately designed and sized system to remove dust at source will in the long term save the company thousands, think of the specific costs associated due to industry dust problems

Take a look at one case study below showing how Dust extraction can and will lead to increased company output, profitability and quality of final product. An animal feed company based in Belfast after an investment of £24,000.00 on 4 separate systems have recorded massive cost savings directly associated with the systems workings as detailed below, for client confidentiality reasons the company have not been named, the client would be pleased to accommodate a site visit to view a typical system along with a short meeting to present evidence of cost savings after dust extraction system installation

finance_calcDust masks:
The bagging production area is now a dust mask free zone with external bodies granting it acceptable after their particles testing results, an average of £120.00 per day was spent over two shifts on the purchase of dust masks so:
Company cost saving of £31,200.00 on masks per year

Cleaners, internal or external employee salaries
They were able to reduce their external contracted cleaning costs from 2 cleaners to now 1 directly employed cleaner, they spent on average £112.00 per day on cleaning staff versus £56.00 per day after installation leading to existing costs of £29,120.00 being reduced by £14,560.00 so:
Company cost saving of £14,560.00 per year

Production downtime

  • Production downtime for cleaning or simple maintenance work created by excessive dust issues.
  • Production downtime records were investigated for the 6 months pre and post dust extraction installation

The calculation shows a reduction in production downtime averaging 1 hour per week, included additionally were the costs relating to services/factors commonly required to allow production to recommence as quickly as possible, cleaning cost £6.80, maintenance cost £15.00 and lost production costs of £500.00 per week so:
Company cost saving of £27,133.60 per year

So if we consider an initial investment of £24,000.00 by the customer versus its cost savings from masks, cleaning and production downtime which equate to savings per year of £72,893.60 so:
£72,893.60 minus
£24,000.00 equals
£48,893.60 total reduction in costs

If thoroughly examined the initial investment is insignificant in relation to the potential yearly company cost savings.

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