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CGP were awarded the contract of a fully designed, installed and commisioned dust and paper extraction plant at a glass recycling factory in Teeside in August 2009.

CGP Sales director Malcolm White was approached after the owners of the glass recycling company had witnessed another succesful dust extraction plant installed by CGP in belfast and had asked for a customised extraction system be designed for them.

This project was extremely demanding from a design point of view due to the highly abrasive nature of the glass dust, the heavy dust loading and that this territory of extraction was very uncommon.

The air conveying and filtration velocities had to be exact as any miscalculations would have spelt disaster and would have led to high parts wear and system failure, two weeks of design work were spent ensuring that all project objectives would be met and the ease of plant installation when on site, in addition to this time scale was also a major priority as the plant needed to be operational and producing high quality finished product as soon as possible.

August 2009 saw plant installation commence and in fact completion was two days ahead of schedule, all tender objectives and plant performance were surpassed with the seperate dust and paper extraction systems removing anything that was put in its way so much so that the factory output was able to increase due to the efficiency of the extraction systems being able to cope with the higher through put.


We had invested heavily in new glass recycling equipment but found we had two major issues that had to resolved before we could commence full time operation of the plant, firstly was the severe dust that was being generated by the process equipment which engulfed the factory within minutes of plant start up and made it immpossible to work in, secondly were the levels of paper that were still contaminating the finished product.

After Malcolm White and his team had finished installation of our extraction plant, within minutes of start up you could visibly see that the plants dust was under control making it a factory enviroment that could be worked in and the finished product was free from paper contamination.

I would like to take this opportunity to say that system designer Malcolm White and the whole CGP team from intial design stage to plant completion carried out their objectives in a friendly and extremely professional manner, we now have a dust free working enviroment and a finished product which is second to none, we would have no hesitation in using CGP for fture projects or recommending them to any company that are experiencing similar problems.