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CGP supports the ever more demanding Health and Safety needs for industries to minimise the effects of dust in a variety of production processes, we are able to offer a wide range of DUST control solutions to meet a vast range of industry applications faced with the most demanding processes

With 25 years experience developing our systems and product ranges allows us to offer the most effective dust control solutions to best serve your needs

Every application comes with specific application needs meaning all systems are unique and bespoke to the clients industry

Generation of dust controlling issues create an unpleasant working environment for its employees, environmental concerns, Health and Safety Law requirements and quality of product constraints along with potential Fire risks due to airbourne dust particles resting on plant equipment

CGP’s expertise with Dust controlling solutions enables us to Design, Manufacture and Install highly effective systems for capturing dust on a vast range of clients specific processes

CGP’s typical systems flow

Initial site visit
We watch the production process which enables us fully understand the generation of dust at its source(s), this includes talks with not only Management but also the employee(s) directly affected, the consideration of plant location, access and specific best practice are ascertained

Design stage of system
After considering all off the initial site visit constraints we design a dust control system to best serve all your needs, an emailed quotation will be sent specifically outlining your project scope, this will explain fully how the system will be installed, at this stage we would ask for it to be accepted or for production and process reason scope to be modified

Final site visit
This visit will take place for final project demands to be measured finally and scope agreed, if scope remains unchanged then quote will be valid, if scope changes then further revised quotation will be emailed for your approval by return

Site installation
The agreed scope of project will be installed

After agreed scope of project installed 1 day shall be spent commission plant(s) design performance criteria

Typical system components:

  • Reverse jet filter
  • Rotary material seperators
  • Fan set
  • Chopper fan
  • Dust control capture hoods and enclosures
  • Control panels
  • Steel hoppers, platforms and structures
  • Material transfer pipework